Third Future Schools (TFS) is an award winning network of free public charter schools.   TFS currently operates four schools.  Its first school, the Academy of Advanced Learning, is located in Aurora, CO.  Coperni 2 and Coperni serve students in Colorado Springs. Sam Houston Collegiate Preparatory Elementary in Midland, TX, is our fourth school. 


Grades served in 2021-2022

  • AAL – K through 8

  • Coperni 2 – K through 8

  • Coperni 3 – K through 8

  • Sam Houston – K through 6

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Aurora, Co

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Colorado Springs, CO

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Colorado Springs, CO

Sam Houston

Collegiate Preparatory Elementary

Midland, TX

High Academic Achievement
Preparing students for a
Year 2030 workplace.
No Bullying Policy
Maintaining a safe, orderly
environment for all students.
Personalized Learning
Meeting individual
student needs.